Vital (Tri-immune)

Vital (Tri-immune)

Plant growth in agricultural soils is influenced by many abiotic and biotic factors. There is a thin layer of soil immediately surrounding plant roots that is an extremely important and active area for root activity and metabolism which is known as rhizosphere. The rhizosphere is the narrow zone of soil surrounding the roots where microbe populations are stimulated by root activities. A large number of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and algae coexist in the rhizosphere. Bacteria are the most abundant among them. Plants select those bacteria contributing most to their fitness by releasing organic compounds through exudates creating a very selective environment where diversity is low. Since, bacteria are the most abundant microorganisms in the rhizosphere, it is highly probable that they influence the plants physiology to a greater extent, especially considering their competitiveness in root colonization.
In addition to above maintenance of crop Health is also essential for successful farming for both yield and quality of produce. This requires long- term strategies to manage risk by the use of selective diseases resistive crop, crop and pasture rotation, avoid of susceptible crops and judicious use of agriculture inputs. Good practices related to crop protection will include those that use resistant cultivars and varieties, crop sequences, associations and cultural practices that maximise resistance power, maintain regular and quantitative assessment of the balance status of immunity and beneficial organisms of all crops, adopt organic control practice where and when applicable.

NASCO Vital (Tri-immune)
NASCO Vital (Tri-immune) is a biological rich product; improve the immunity power in plant. Also increase the resistance power of soil and plant against adverse environment stresses. The product is available in Lyophilized Powder formulation.

  • Most important use is to increase the resistant power and health of soil, root, plant and yield and restore the immunity.
  • Balance and control the physiological and metabolism activity.
  • Solubilise micro and macro nutrient in the soil to uptake for plants.
  • Increase the porosity of soil and decompose the agriculture waste.
  • Induce the tolerance against adverse environmental stress.
  • Totally organic product, no side effects, so safe for all plants and lives.
  • Increase the water holding capacity of soil.
  • Increase the porosity of soil.
  • Reclaim the salty-saline soil and improve the pH value.
  • Soil becomes healthy, smooth and beautiful.
  • Improve the C: N ratio in soil.
  • Improve the colour, shining, taste and fragrance of yield and flowers.

Crops: For all crops
Dissolve in sufficient water, kept minimum six hour before application. (Add jaggery for better result). Apply by Irrigation, Drip, and Drenching or as per crop conveniences.

Quality of product stable only on properly storage in cool and dry place and strictly avoid direct or indirect sunlight, radiation and miss handling of any.
This organic product should not be used for the purpose of pesticide, fungicide, insecticide and fertilizer.