Nasco Amruta

Nasco Amruta

Nasco Amruta is a Lyophilized bio-fertilizer based on consortia of the selective strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azospirillum), Phosphate solubilising bacteria and Potash mobilising bacteria. (Min. CFU 5 x107cells/gm.)


  •   Fixes atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to the plants.
  •   Nitrogen is very important constituent of amino acid, proteins and nucleic acids.
  •   Nitrogen is the most crucial nutrient in the constitution of many vitamin, hormones and chlorophyll.
  •  Apart from nitrogen fixation, it produces growth promoting substance IAA also.
  •  Complex form of phosphorous converted to soluble form of phosphorous.
  •  Phosphorous is an essential element for cell division and growth.
  •  It is required for photosynthesis, sugar and starch production, energy transfer and movement of carbohydrates within the plant and reproduction.
  •   Potash mobilising bacteria mobilize and uptake potash in the soil.
  •    Potash is an essential element for protein, carbohydrate and fat synthesis.
  •   It is required for the proper functioning of chlorophyll and other enzymes involved in photosynthesis, respiration and protein formation.
  •  It is essential for cell division, cell electrolyte balance and for the functioning of plant stomates.
  •   It converts non available forms of some tightly bonded micro nutrients in to available forms.

Other Uses

  •  Most important use is to increase the resistant power and health of soil, root, plant and yield and restore the immunity.
  •  Balance and control the physiological and metabolism activity.
  • Solubilise micro and macro nutrient in the soil to uptake for plants.
  •  Increase the porosity of soil and decompose the agriculture waste.
  • Induce the tolerance against adverse environmental stress.
  • Totally organic product, no side effects, so safe for all plants and lives.

Crops : For all crops
Dissolve in sufficient water, kept minimum six hour before application. (Add jaggery for better result). Apply by irrigation, drip and drenching or as per crop conveniences.

Quality of AMRUTA product stable only on properly storage in cool and dry place and strictly avoid direct or indirect sunlight, radiation and mishandling of any.

This organic product should not be used for the purpose of pesticide, fungicide and insecticide.