VAM (Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal ) is a fungus that penetrates the roots of a vascular plant in order to help them to capture nutrients from the soil. These fungi are scientifically well known for their ability to uptake and transport mineral nutrients from the soil directly into host plant roots.
Thanks to their incredible ability to connect to plant roots, the microscopic fungal fibres vastly extend the root system. They extract water and nutrients from a large volume of surrounding soil, and bring them to the plant, improving nutrition and growth. A plant’s root system, however big, can never be as extensive as the network of fungal fibres. The microscopic filaments grow through the soil and reach much more nutrients than the roots would.
By supplying the plant with much more extra water and nutrients, mycorrhizal fungi contribute to superior growth, resistance and health. Just like people should have a good supply of water and a healthy lifestyle based on natural, organic products, so our plants grow much better when they live with a life-long partner and without chemical fertilizers.


  • Better and more balanced growth
  •  Healthier and more dense root system with a largely improved ability to get nutrients from soil
  •  Richer and denser flowers and fruit
  • Significantly lower need of watering and fertilizing
  • Higher resistance to drought
  •  Decreased stress during transplanting
  •  Protection against some soil pathogens diseases
  •  It is a natural mutually beneficial partnership between plants and some soil fungi.
  • It actively fights various soil diseases and parasites.
  •  It is capable of storing water, which further reinforces the root system.
  •   Makes the soil resistant to erosion, strengthens the plants overall health and provides long-term, natural support for your plant.
  • But one of the most important abilities of mycorrhizal fungi is that they stay attached to the roots and support the plant for its entire life.
  •  Improve the colour, shining, taste and fragrance of yield and flowers.

Other Uses:

  • Most important use is to increase the resistant power and health of soil, root, plant and yield and restore the immunity.
  • Balance and control the physiological and metabolism activity.
  • Solubilise micro and macro nutrient in the soil to uptake for plants.
  • Increase the porosity of soil and decompose the agriculture waste.
  •  Induce the tolerance against adverse environmental stress.
  • Totally organic product, no side effects, so safe for all plants and lives.

Crops: For all crops

  •  Nasco Vam dissolves in sufficient water, kept minimum six hours before application. Apply by irrigation, drip and drenching or as per requirement of crop
  • Soil Application with composed fertilizer or farm yard manure.

Quality of product stable only on properly storage in cool and dry place and strictly avoid direct or indirect sunlight, radiation and mishandling of any.
Caution:  This organic product should not be used for the purpose of pesticide, fungicide and insecticide.