Bio Potash (KMB)

Bio Potash (KMB)

Bio Potash is a Lyophilized bio-fertilizer based on a selective strain of potash mobilizing bacteria Frateuria aurantia (Min. CFU 5x 107cells/ gm.)



  • Potassium (K) is an essential nutrient for plant growth and is classified as a macronutrient due to large quantities of ‘K’ being taken up by plants during their life cycle. Potassium is associated with movement of water, nutrients, and carbohydrates in plant tissue. Potassium also helps to regulate the opening and closing of the stomata which regulates the exchange of water vapour, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.
  •  Bio Potash enhances the potash uptake in plants.
  •  Potash is an essential element for protein, carbohydrate and fat synthesis.
  •  It is required for the proper functioning of chlorophyll and other enzymes involved in photosynthesis, respiration and protein formation.
  • It is essential for cell division, cell electrolyte balance and for the functioning of plant stomates.
  • Prevent the spotted or curled leaves and scorched look leaves.
  •  Promote the vigorous growth and resist the diseases.

Other Uses

  •  Most important use is to increase the resistant power and health of soil, root, plant and yield and restore the immunity.
  •  Balance and control the physiological and metabolism activity.
  • Solubilise micro and macro nutrient in the soil to uptake for plants.
  • Increase the porosity of soil and decompose the agriculture waste.
  • Induce the tolerance against adverse environmental stress.
  • Totally organic product, no side effects, so safe for all plants and lives.

Crops: For all crops

Dissolve in sufficient water, kept minimum six hour before application. (Add jaggery for better result). Apply by irrigation, drip and drenching or as per crop conveniences.

Quality & CFU count of BIO POTASH products stable only on properly storage in cool and dry place and strictly avoid direct or indirect sunlight, radiation and mishandling of any.
This organic product should not be used for the purpose of pesticide, fungicide and insecticide.