About Us

About Us

“NASCO”– Nano Agro Science co-operative Society Ltd, which is registered under Multi State Co-operative society Act 2002 (39 of 2002) Vide Reg. No. MSCS/CR/381/2011 by the central registrar of Co-operative society under the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

The fundamental base and aim of NASCO a co-operative is to fulfil and overcome the current disturbed eco balance in agriculture farming. With this important objective, the co operative structure is the best option to serve the nature and mankind.

NASCO is synonymous to a nation-wide movement with a unique Vision & Mission to emphasize focus on quality production, promotion & usage of eco friendly Bio-Organic& Botanical products, which can be boon to ORGANIC FARMING.NASCO is created by the people of groups like progressive farmers, technocrats, Agri. Scientists, Administrators, Elite devoted personalities and those who believe in “ADVANCE TO NATURE”.


The continuing blind use of harmful chemical fertilizer & poisonous pesticides from last seven decades in India found dangerous for soil; plant as well the health of all lives. So modern farming throughout the world has to stop compulsory the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides and has to adopt natural Bio organic fertilizer & botanical sources with the use of modern Bio technology & Nano-technology very speedily with the slogan of “EVER GREEN REVOLUTION” which not only improve the crop and soil condition but also get back the taste, quality and nutrient value of all crops and foods.


We have best advanced Production Technology, Quality Assurance facilities, Innovative & High-tech R & D Facilities with qualified & skilled personnel in R & D, Production & QC activities.


We shall be very happy that we have invested First time in the World Lyophilized Technology Production in Agriculture Field (for plants with Microbes) which is generally used in pharmaceutical based vaccine and life saving drugs only and it also will be the History. The Lyophilization process of advance Science ends the all problems.


We are committed to working hard for educating the farmers to use the organic and Bio fertilizers in the country as well as world and spread awareness of integrated approach of farming by reducing usage of harmful Agro chemicals.